Model Internship Program

Create invaluable opportunities for your technical students with an ATE internship program at your school.  Quality internships provide students with real world experiences that transition into successful careers, and engage companies in your community to invest in your college and program. Use the materials linked below as a model for starting your ATE internship program.

ATE Internship Program

Get a general overview of the ATE Internship Program, including corporate benefits and the division of responsibilities between the college, the student, and the company sponsoring the internship.

Consortium Program Guidelines

Learn the details of managing internships and apprenticeships in your ATE program, such as the basic elements of internships and apprenticeships, the Internship and Industry Consortium Model, and apprenticeship statistics.

Industry Agreement

See the agreement provided to companies participating in the Industry Partnership Consortium that ensures adherence to the consortium’s printed policies and procedures.

Memorandum of Understanding ATE Scholars

View the agreement provided to corporate internship sponsors that details the participants’ responsibilities, descriptions of duties, terms of the internship, and hours of work per week.

FDTC Foundation Pay

Employers have three options in employing an intern: 1) company direct hire, 2) through an employment agency, or 3) through the FDTC ATE Foundation. Through the FDTC foundation model you would manage and handle all the payroll, worker compensation, and general liability.

College Central Employer Posting Internship

View the steps provided to employers in the community to register with College Central to post full-time and part-time positions, co-op opportunities and internships as well as search the database of existing registrants’ resumes.

Internships and Apprenticeships

Review the booklet provided to consortium members that describes the program’s policies and procedures and identifies participants’ responsibilities throughout the course of the internship.

Intern Application

Review the internship application developed by the SCATE Center and Florence Darlington Technical College. ATE students can complete and submit their application online, or download and submit.


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