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Welcome to the South Carolina Advanced Technological Education (SCATE) National Resource Center for Expanding Excellence in Technician Education. We are dedicated to working alongside students, educators, and industry leaders to promote quality education that prepares workforce-ready technicians in advanced technologies that drive the American economy.

Innovative Solutions for Expanding Excellence in Technician Education Locally, Regionally, and Nationally

Based at Florence-Darlington Technical College

Established in 1996, the SCATE Center is the longest operating Advanced Technological Education (ATE) initiative sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the country. Additional support is provided by Florence-Darlington Technical College where the center is located in the state of the art Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing & Technology (SiMT).

For the first seven years, SCATE operated as a partnership among the 16 technical colleges making up the SC Technical College System. In 2002, Florence-Darlington and Piedmont Technical Colleges assumed leadership as the project moved into a new phase as a national resource center. Throughout its history, SCATE has benefited from partnerships for advisory purposes, resource/expertise sharing, recruitment and retention of students, placement of graduates, and to adapt and implement projects.

The SCATE Center offers a variety of resources supporting industrial and engineering technology programs and related STEM programs nationwide, including recommendations for faculty development best practices, strategies for recruiting and retaining students, and methods for effective instruction. SCATE also provides resources for current and prospective students, including scholarships, internships, and career development assistance, and promotes partnerships with businesses and industries who employ advanced technology program graduates.

SCATE Center industry partners have consistently contributed to almost every aspect of our work, from assisting with curriculum development to serving on the National Visiting Committee. Industries have hosted meetings for the project at their facilities and become involved in a “grow-your-own” strategy for supporting students throughout their technician education to meet industry needs through SCATE's innovative ATE Industry Consortium and Internship Program which is coordinated with the Tech Stars Scholarship Program.

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Latest Publications

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Access contact information for the personnel and staff that manage the SCATE Center of Excellence, as well as project affiliates including S-STEM, Teaching Technicians, HSI ATE Hub 2 and Mentor Connect.

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Get to know more about our national ATE partners dedicated to developing innovative tools and approaches to promoting engineering technology education in the classroom and among industry professionals.

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Learn more about the people and processes committed to maintaining the quality of SCATE through regular assessment of program progression towards fulfilling identified goals and objectives in advancing engineering technology education.


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